Gaming Systems

Sector Forensics has successfully worked on a number of cases pertaining to gaming systems. Our investigations have ranged from a suspect hacking fruit machines to pay out the top prizes, to the use of a Microsoft Xbox to groom a minor through social media.

Slot Machines and Online Gambling

Any digital system is open to abuse and slot machines are no exception. The sophistication of hacks and level of co-operation of fraudulent gangs has increased dramatically over the past few years.

Sector Forensics has also seen a dramatic increase in the number of cases pertaining to employees using company assets to access online gambling sites.

Our services include:

Consultancy Services - Providing consultancy services to slot machine manufacturers, pertaining to the security of software and hardware as well as the monitoring of key staff involved in the production process. Who has access to your software? What data has been copied to USB sticks, the cloud, hard disks or emailed out of the company? Are the programming slots inside of the fruit machine easily accessible to hackers? Is key data encrypted?

Company Compliance Services - Investigations into employee abuse of company systems or providing consultancy services to reduce the impact of misuse of company equipment.

Reverse engineering code - Investigations into code that has been used to hack gaming systems to build up a profile of the possible hackers.

Forensic Investigations - Examination of computers, phones and other devices pertaining to the abuse.

Microsoft Xbox

The Xbox gaming system is gradually moving towards a complete home entertainment system rather than just a purely game based system. As such applications like Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Plex, Youtube and online cloud storage solutions like OneDrive are available for use. The Xbox One also allows the user to plug in external storage devices like USB sticks and hard disks.

Sector Forensics will take an image copy of the Xbox hard disk and carry out a forensic examination pertaining to our clients requirements.

Sony Playstation

The Sony Playstation is more of a dedicated gaming system compared to the Xbox, however applications like Youtube, Plex and Playstation Messages are contained. The Playstation Messaging app can also be stored on your phone or tablet and will allow you to chat with other Playstation network users. External hard disks and USBs are supported with the ability to store video.

Sector Forensics has examined a large quantity of Playstation devices, including one forensic examination which produced evidence that put a suspect at a scene of a murder.

Android, Other Consoles and Handhelds

Sector Forensics will examine any type of console for data pertaining to your case and are constantly researching new items that enter the marketplace to provide you with the best possible evidence.