Local Authority (Council)

Sector Forensics will provide assistance, advise and carry out digital examinations on behalf of and/or in-conjunction with the Council’s own corporate fraud and investigation teams. If appropriate, we will act as the Council’s liaison point for the investigation if this is undertaken by the Police or other regulatory bodies.

The areas in which digital evidence would assist the investigations pertain to:

  • School and Child Services
  • Housing and Council Tax Benefit Fraud (HB/CTC)
  • Housing Fraud (right to buy, sub-letting and tenancy fraud)
  • Council Tax Fraud (SPD/student/vacant properties discounts)
  • Personalisation (budget fraud)
  • Procurement fraud
  • Internal fraud
  • Employment through false means (false CV)

All examinations are thoroughly documented and accompanied by a high quality report or statement which is clear and easy to understand. This details the findings of the examination in a format suitable for legal proceedings if necessary.

Our security cleared team of trained expert witnesses will provide testimony at court of law to support our investigations as and when required.

Sector Forensics works to quality standards and currently holds ISO 9001 and ISO 2700 certificates.