Legal Sector Forensics

Sector Forensics offers a professional service for all parties in criminal law and civil litigation. With many years experience and highly trained staff, clients can be assured of an excellent quality and knowledge. Sector Forensics works to tight deadlines providing results when they are needed. We are renowned for the ability to present complex issues in an easy to understand way.

We pride ourselves on the personal contact made with clients making sure they are informed and happy at every stage of the investigation. Working together this way ensures the direction of the analysis is most effective and as a result strengthens each individual case.

We offer competitive pricing accepted by the Legal Services Commission (LSC).

Our experienced and qualified forensic experts have carried out thousands of examinations and are able to present evidence as opinion as well as fact in a court of law.

Findings are transformed into conclusive reports that tell the story of what the presence or absence of the digital artefact indicates, clear, concise and easily understood by all participants in the legal process.

We are accredited with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 for the investigation process.