Mobile phone forensics

Mobile phones have come a long way since their inception and now seem to be something that we can’t live without. Every day, in both their professional and personal lives, millions of people around the world rely on mobile phones to communicate though social networks, browse the internet, watch movies as well as making calls and sending text messages.

This has made the mobile phone an important piece of evidence essential in many legal cases where the use of digital evidence can form a key part of a civil or criminal prosecution or investigation.

Mobile phone forensics requires specialised training and hardware due to the large variety of mobile handsets, each with their own unique operating system. As such, mobile telephone analysis should not be left to forensic generalists as each device is unique and should be dealt with differently.

This is where Sector Forensics excels. We have a team of programmers, analysts and former police operational technical support staff boasting a wealth of investigative experience gained in the service of the Anti-Terrorist and Special Branches of the Metropolitan Police, the FBI’s Computer Analysis Response Team and the United States Department of Justice.

Sector Forensics can examine over eight thousand different makes and models of mobile phones including a wide variety different models from manufacturers including, Apple, Google, LG, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Motorola, Siemens, Sony Ericsson, Sagem, Sharp, Sendo and NEC as well as unbranded Chinese phones.

All examinations are thoroughly documented and accompanied by a high quality report or statement which is clear and easy to understand. This details the findings of the examination in a format suitable for legal proceedings if necessary.

Contact us if you need us to recover priceless lost or deleted data from your phone, or require the expert services of a mobile phone forensic examiner or expert witness.

Our security cleared team of trained expert witnesses will provide testimony at court of law to support our investigations as and when required.

Sector Forensics works to quality standards and currently holds ISO 9001 and ISO 2700 certificates.