Tablet Computer Forensics

Sector Forensics has been forensically examining tablet computers from all of the major manufacturers since their inception. Over one thousand tablet computers have been examined in all manner of cases from high profile criminal murders to child trafficking, for clients ranging from the Home Office to Lewis Silkin Solicitors.

We will carry out an investigation honed to your specific needs whether it be the verification of a text message having been received or a full download of all data contained upon a tablet computer.

Sector Forensics has bypassed the pincodes on hundreds of tablets and utilise a combination of their own in-house techniques as well as software from leading forensic tool providers including ‘Cellebrite’.

All examinations are thoroughly documented and accompanied by a high quality report or statement which is clear and easy to understand. This details the findings of the examination in a format suitable for legal proceedings if necessary.

Our security cleared team of trained expert witnesses will provide testimony at court of law to support our investigations as and when required.

Sector Forensics works to quality standards and currently holds ISO 9001 and ISO 2700 certificates.