Secure Data Destruction

If you have a computer, USB, CD/DVD or other digital media including tapes that needs to be destroyed, then Sector Forensics’ range of wiping services (approved by the UK Government and NATO) will give you peace of mind that your data will not unexpectedly re-appear in the future.

All services are supplied with a destruction certificate containing details of the device wiped and the processes used for destruction.

Each of the following wiping services are available either as a single or combined service.


The SV91M Degausser for High Coercivity Tape is designed to erase a broad range of magnetic media, including PC hard disk drives and high density metal tapes.

The SV91M has been approved by the UK government and NATO and meets specified requirements of SEAP (Security Equipment Assessment Panel) and the newer CESG standard for restricted or less for the secure erasure and destruction of information and data stored on magnetic media up to TOP SECRET level.

Standard 'Single Pass' Erase

A sector is the smallest physical storage unit on a disk. The Standard 'Single Pass' Erase writes a 0 (zero) or random character in each sector contained on the disk which overwrites any existing data contained.

Secure DoD (5220.22 M) Wipe

A sector is the smallest physical storage unit on a disk. The write head passes over each sector three times. The first time writing a 0x00 (zero) in each sector, the second time with 0xFF and the third time with random characters. There is one final pass to verify random characters by reading.

Physical Shred

The drives can be physically shredded into 16mm fragments, so that no data can be recovered.