Secure Exhibit Storage

    • Do you have case critical exhibits in your cupboard or desk?
    • Are you worried you will lose your clients’ mobile phone or computer exhibits?
    • Have you run out of room to store a large quantity of exhibits from a seizure?
    • Does your company require an evidential secure storage facility?
    • Storage Prices from £12.50 per month

    Sector Forensics provide a secure evidential exhibits storage facility.

    Sector Forensics will act as an independent body to store electronic items (such as mobile phones, computers, tablets, CCTV, hard drives, cameras and USBs) at the centre of any civil or criminal dispute.

    Your exhibits will be safely stored with full continuity of movement in our secure storage which is an amalgamation of various security processes and procedures audited annually, certified by the quality standard ISO 27001:2005 and externally audited.

    Key features:

    • 1 metre thick walls of an old bank vault
    • Steel safe door with biometric fingerprint access
    • Temperature controlled
    • Monitored by real-time CCTV
    • ADT monitored alarm system
    • Photographed, evidentially sealed and secured
    • Full chain of custody for all items
    • Full continuity collection and delivery service