Surveillance & Counter Surveillance

  • Are your conversations and meeting rooms secure?
  • Are you being bugged?
  • Are you worried that someone is watching you?
  • Is your vehicle being tracked?
  • Has someone got access to your emails?

These are just some of the questions and that Sector Forensics solves with our counter surveillance service on a daily basis.

There are two basic types of countermeasures, electronic and software.

  • The electronic countermeasures generally is the sweeping for bugs looking for radio emissions. However, some of the covert room recording devices no longer transmit and thus are more difficult to detect.
  • The software countermeasures is the searching for malware contained upon your key computers.

Sector Forensics will provide a comprehensive sweep of your premises from houses and single room offices to multi-national corporations to help to protect your interests.

For high security premises we recommend sweeping bugs on a regular basis, as advanced bugs can be remotely operated or rapidly switch frequencies to make location more difficult. A bug that has run out of power may not show up on a sweep either.