Expert Computer Forensic Examination and Witness Services

DC Kew, Nottinghamshire Police Force

The explanation you gave and the service provided was exceptional and the speed in which it was done is remarkable.

DC Clegg, Nottinghamshire Police Force

I found the service very professional and of a very high standard. I was taken through the report and it was explained in simple easy to understand terms.

DC Waldram, Nottinghamshire Police Force

Excellent service. Updated through calls and meetings, and all aspects of work done was thoroughly explained. Report very well presented and easy to understand.

DC Cook, Nottinghamshire Police Force

Very professional service. Experienced and knowledgeable consultant. Work carried out within agreed time. Kept up to date through process.

J.Lee, Metroplitan Police Force

Of all the forensic downloads I’ve received of mobile phones, this is the best laid-out and most user friendly.

DC Hoadley, Metropolitan Police Force

Easy to read analysis of the disc, plus a well-structured witness statement, especially the explanation of the technical jargon.

P.Scott, Metropolitan Police Force

Fantastic report, very comprehensive, excellent forensic value.

DC Elizabeth Willingale, Metropolitan Police

Excellent service and easy to read report. Staff were very helpful. I phoned several times to ask questions and was given clear answers. Excellent “after care”. I am a computer phobe and your staff patiently talked me through the findings & explained it clearly.

DC Donna Joyce, Metropolitan Police

Just an official thank you for your professionalism and assistance with this case, resulting in a guilty verdict on all counts. Counsel wanted me to pass on his thanks for all your evidence and said you were very good.